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About Us

About Litemed

Litemed was born out of a vision where innovative light technology is combined with inspirational design to bring health and wellness within reach for individuals across the globe. We are a pioneering MedTech organization dedicated to advancing the field of pain management through cutting-edge non-invasive medical devices harnessing the power of light technology. At Litemed, we are committed to redefining healthcare by offering innovative, safe, and accessible solutions that transform lives.

Our Vision

We embarked on this journey with a vision to create a pain relief solution that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. Our team of experts, researchers, and professionals brought their expertise together to develop a device that offers efficient and targeted pain relief.

Expertise and Dedication

The success of our organization is attributed to the dedicated professionals
who guide our products through their entire lifecycle.

Mr. Sriram Velliyur


A visionary with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, is celebrated for his exceptional leadership, strategic brilliance, and relentless dedication to delivering outstanding value in every endeavor. His talent for inspiring and guiding diverse teams of professionals has been pivotal in our company’s ongoing achievements. In a world dominated by  formalities, Sri stands out as our chief disruptor, bringing an extra dash of charisma and an adventurous spirit to everything he does.

Dr. Surya Prakash


The driving force behind Litemed, brings over 5 years of expertise in light-based research. His unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare and wellness has propelled him to the forefront of innovation. Dr. Surya’s groundbreaking work in various facets of light-based technologies has earned him prestigious recognition. Beyond his work, he enjoys fostering connections with fellow visionaries while pursuing his goal of making a positive impact on the world.

Our team comprises experts with a collective experience of 100+ years from various fields, including medical research, clinical research, engineering design, development, and manufacturing. The seamless collaboration of these skilled individuals ensures that our products not only meet but surpass the highest quality standards in the industry.