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Pain relief process

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How it works?

Activates cellular mechanisms for deep, lasting relief. Speeds up electron transfer, boosting ATP production.
Promotes vasodilation, oxygenation, and anti-inflammation to relieve pain.

Experience the pain-free
life you deserve


Rediscover comfort as Curapod alleviates your pain, letting you enjoy life without constant discomfort.


Regain your freedom to move with Curapod's effective pain relief, enhancing your mobility and daily activities.

Instant relief

Experience the transformative power of Curapod as it targets and manages 30+ musculoskeletal pain conditions, working towards a more pain-free life.

Ready to say goodbye to pain?

Hassle-free relief in just 5 steps

Step 1

Install the
LITEMED™ mobile

Step 2

Add your
pain site

Step 3

the mobile app.

Step 4

CURAPOD™ at the
pain site

Step 5

Start or Stop the treatment session through the app.

Personalized Guidance
for Optimal Results


Maximize the benefits of Curapod with the power of personalized pain relief. Get tailored recommendations for usage, session duration, and frequency.

Pain Score Tracking and
Relief Assessment

Take control of your pain journey – track and compare your pain levels before and after each session to visualize and measure the impact of Curapod on your relief progress.


Empower your family’s well-being. Curapod’s app lets each member customize settings, track progress, and find relief from diverse pain

Comprehensive Reports
to uncover patterns

Get detailed reports of your pain scores, relief trends, & other metrics to identify patterns in pain reduction and
fluctuation. Make informed decisions with experts based on real-time data.

Clinically tested and Validated

Curapod is clinically proven for its safety and efficacy through a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicentric study.

With an overall of 63%, the treatment group experienced significant pain relief in comparison to overall pain reduction in the control group which was 4%.

In patients with acute pain, the treatment arm’s pain reduction was 67% and the control arm’s pain reduction was 4%. Whereas in patients with chronic pain, the treatment arm’s pain reduction was 59% and the control arm’s pain reduction was 3%

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embraced a pain-free lifestyle.

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Safety and quality certification

Choose your platform

• Make sure your smartphone runs Android version 6.0 or above, or iOS version 11.0 or above.

• Visit Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS), search for “LITEMED Mobile App,” and install it.

First-Time Connection

• Start the app and follow the Guide wizard to log in using your mobile number or Email ID and fill in your details.

• Add your pain site, specifying the area you want to target for relief.

Subsequent Connection

• Launch the LITEMED™ app.

• Add your pain site, specifying the area you want to target for relief.

First-time connection

• Turn on Bluetooth and location services on your smartphone.

• Switch on CURAPOD™ using the power button; it will show “Sky Blue” to indicate readiness for pairing.

• Follow the Guide wizard, select “Pair Devices,” and scan to connect CURAPOD™ with the app.

Subsequent connections

• Switch on CURAPOD™ with the power button.

• Use the “Devices” page in the app to scan and pair with your CURAPOD™.

• Please pair within 3 minutes to conserve power.

Using adhesive patch

• Stick the adhesive patch to the back of CURAPOD™, aligning it evenly.

• Peel off the patch’s protective film and attach CURAPOD™ to the targeted area based on the app’s guidelines.

• After each session, remove the used patch using the protruding edge and discard it.

Using mechanical straps

• Insert CURAPOD™ into the casing following alignment guides.

• Select the appropriate strap based on your pain site.

• Insert the strap through the casing’s loops, ensuring velcro hook faces upwards.

• Fasten the pod with the casing and strap around the pain site using the velcro.

To start

• Turn on CURAPOD™, pair it with the app, and add the pain site.

• Answer the pain questionnaire to tailor the treatment.

• Rate your pain using the Pain Score guide.

• Click the “Play” icon to begin the 30-minute session.

• Relax as the treatment progresses; the device will display a “GREEN” status.

• The device turns off automatically after the session.

To stop

• If you’d like to stop the session, click “STOP” in the app.

• Provide the reason why you stopped the session and reach out to your physician immediately if needed.