ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 certified


No, the device is IEC 62471 certified and is extremely safe towards human exposure. It does not affect the skin colour or cause any burns.

No, LiteMed’s device is not a heating device. The slight warmth felt during the use of the device is due to increased blood flow towards the treatment area. As the blood gushes towards the specific pain site, the temperature is slightly raised at that point which is completely normal and an observed phenomenon during the treatment.

Though there are no unwanted effects of using the medications along with the device, we recommend you use CURAPOD as a stand-alone treatment for a better experience.

The device has proven efficacy as a standalone treatment, rather than a supportive aid to any other treatment.

The device is intended for use in acute as well as chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Pregnant and lactating women, oncology patients, children, subjects undergoing chemotherapy, and subjects who underwent or currently undergoing stem cell therapy, should not be used on open wounds and scars, should not be used along with topical agents on the skin.

CURAPOD can be used for both diagnosed and undiagnosed pains.

The device provides pain relief as well as the reduction in inflammation as it increases the vasodilatory action thereby providing increased anti-inflammatory agents at the site of pain.

CURAPOD provides a localized action for various musculoskeletal pain conditions.

The device provides pain relief based on the condition of the user and enhances his/her cellular repair mechanisms with regular usage of the device, thereby providing a better quality of life.

No, the adhesive patches provided are for single-time use and are not reusable. The used patch should be discarded with every use and use a new patch for the next treatment session.

Treatment through CURAPOD is based on the safest and most effective method. Therefore, it is very less likely that you may experience side effects.

The device uses red light LEDs and Near-infrared LEDs for the therapy. Unlike red light, near-infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. This is why the NIR LEDs may appear to be off, whereas you can notice the red lights to be on.

No, it’s not mandatory that u have to use protective eyewear. Just make sure that you do not directly look at the LEDs.

A BIG YES. CURAPOD and its accessories are designed in such a way that they can be used with ease even while doing your regular activities.

Yes, CURAPOD is safe to use every day as it is non-invasive and has almost zero risks.

Yes, the device can be used by different people. Make sure you clean the device with every use to ensure hygiene when used either by single or multiple individuals.

Turn the device on, then leave it on your skin for three minutes. Check the area for any redness or rash after three minutes. Your skin is light sensitive if it lasts longer than two hours, thus we do not advise using the device on you. Before using the device, you must perform the skin sensitivity test.